NAME / Echo Artistry is here to serve Illinois and the globe with its mindful photography and design. Megan, the face behind the name and lens, likes to connect you with the great outdoors in order to create an exclusive, seasonally customized experience from start to finish. With attention to detail and high quality images and products, she is dedicated to all clients by encompassing everyone’s individuality to its finest and fullest for the best portrait photography and design experience.

LOCATION / Echo Artistry is based out of Chicago, Illinois and travels worldwide. If your on-site location is outside of Chicagoland, Megan enjoys exploring new destinations and would love to take on an adventure (subject to a travel fee).

PURPOSE / Echo Artistry’s love of nature embraces environmentally-friendly practices that exceed your expectations. Through these methods, Megan hopes to reveal to you why it is valuable to choose a sustainable photography and design studio. The principles and values she will be carrying out include producing top of the line work using green resources to deliver a final product that is specially tailored to each and every one of her clients. Megan aims to use her time and talent to make a reputable impact in her community and live by these green ideals herself.

THE DIFFERENCE / Echo Artistry integrates sustainability into all key areas of the business: work space, operation, and products.

Echo Artistry takes pride in using eco-friendly printing labs and vendors. To summarize E/A’s photo lab’s environmental statement (to remove their carbon footprint): “Reductions in internal paper consumption for reports and other documents are effective, as well as externally – by the use of electronically delivering all invoices and statements. This alone saves over 2 tons of wood use, 25 million BTU’s of energy usage and over 12,000 gallons of waste-water per year, all used in paper manufacturing.

All silver halide prints (the great photo prints that you love) contain silver, this silver is left suspended in photo chemistry after processing. Since our first print rolled off our printers, we have been processing and removing silver from our chemistry prior to disposing spent materials.”

Echo Artistry’s album vendor offers many lifetime archival quality albums using recycled and environmentally safe materials. E/A’s book vendor prints on 100% post-consumer recycled acid-free archival paper and uses environmentally responsive materials, like hemp, from aware suppliers. The whole operation is powered by green-e certified windpower. Carbon offsets and trees are planted with a segment of the profits from every single book.

Besides using eco-friendly resources, Echo Artistry opts for paperless statements, digital proofing and digital marketing as one of the many ways to reduce its own carbon footprint. Not only does E/A provide green options to clients, but the studio itself uses sustainable products and energy efficient equipment to help run the business.

HELP BE A PART OF THE DIFFERENCE /… one image at a time

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BEHIND THE NAME / Creative Lead & Founder – Megan Ohlsen

Megan was born and raised in Central Illinois and went to Iowa State University to expand her appreciation and mastery of the visual arts by graduating with a BFA in graphic design, before settling down in Chicago and putting her design degree to use full time in the real estate realm.

Photography is an area of the arts that Megan has always been captivated by, and she opts for the integration of well thought out photography with design. After doing a project in college that revolved around green design, Megan learned firsthand the virtuous and beneficial factors of these practices. This has been her top incentive and ambition for her design methods ever since, hence the side hustle of Echo Artistry was born to combine her artistry with an eco-focus on depicting special moments and milestones in people’s lives. Along with that, she strongly believes in being a steward of God’s creation: Psalm 24. More recently, Megan has expanded her artistry into the handcrafting side of things with her patchwork wood prints, that are available on Etsy, and dabbling in interior design work, through renovating her Chicago bungalow home.

In her spare time, you will probably find Megan enjoying the outdoors with her husband (Matt), daughter (Olivia), son (Gavin) and furry sidekick (Huntley), or catch her traveling in exploration of new destinations to discover and capture on camera.